The Internet And The Free Content Concept

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Freedom has been one of the essential concepts of the Internet from just about day one. As it was unveiled to the world just how amazingly powerful this technology, with all of its potential, advocates began campaigning that freedom should reign over the Internet. Freedom from censorship, yes, but also freedom of the content itself. This has led to the free content concept. Read the rest of this entry »

YouTube And Other User Generated Video Networks

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We are living in the world where the entire face of video media is changing. Where once the idea of video was for most intents and purposes a passive form of entertainment, (we sit in front of the TV and watch whatever the networks decide to put on there for us to watch) now we are a part of the creation of entertainment. Just about anyone can be a video director, producer, actor, etc., etc. All it takes is a digital camera, a computer and an Internet connection. Read the rest of this entry »

What is Online Mind Sharing?

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The Internet has completely changed the way that we think about just about everything in our society. It has changed the way we interact with business, it has changed the way we interact with media. In fact, an entire new media has developed as a result of the Internet: online mind sharing and user-driven media. Read the rest of this entry »

What Is A Peer To Peer Network?

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Peer-to-Peer networking is one of the fundamental underlying technologies of the new world of Web 2.0. Traditional internet web sites followed a fairly basic client-server connection: you connect to a web site’s server, the server sends information back to you. All information is created by a single source and then is shared with users on an individual basis. Read the rest of this entry »

Web 2.0 Made Simple

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Even if you don’t fully understand what Web 2.0 is, chances are that you make regular use of services which operate on the Web 2.0 platform. In fact, many of the businesses that follow a Web 2.0 model didn’t even realize they were a part of Web 2.0 until years later. Web 2.0 came about not as a development model but rather as a means to describe changes that were already taking place in the world of the Internet. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Networking Online

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All of us exist as part of a social network. Our families, our friends, businesses, careers, schools, these are all social networks. It is simply a natural part of the way we act, we interact, we communicate. One of the innovations of development of the Internet is the use of these concepts of social networking to develop web sites that are more powerful and more interactive. Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding Mashups

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Mashup is a term that can be a little difficult to understand. The reason is that a mashup can involve just about anything. Its genesis as a term is in the world of music where one song would be added to another song: mashed together, so to speak. It could be a sort of medley, simply putting one track on top of another track or even a complete remix. One famous example of this was the Grey Album, created by DJ Dangermouse, as a mashup of Jay-Z’s the Black Album with the Beatles’ White Album.
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Online Photo Publishing

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In a world of digital cameras and digital photography the face of photo publishing has drastically changed. No longer are professional photo labs and dark rooms required; anyone with a computer and a digital camera can create, develop and modify all sorts of photographs and pictures, then simply print them out on their home printer. Add in the Internet and there is a whole world to share your photos with just a couple of clicks of your mouse. Read the rest of this entry »

All About Podcasting

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Just what is podcasting? To put it in a nutshell podcasting is the distribution of media, generally over the Internet, in some sort of computer file. The name comes from two sources: the first is the Apple iPod, the second is broadcasting. The two were put together to form the concept of podcasting, a part of the media revolution of the Internet which has completely altered the way that content is distributed in our modern world. Read the rest of this entry »

All About Blogging

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Blogs are everywhere these days. Celebrities have them, political candidates have them, businesses run them, and that is not even counting the literally millions upon millions of personal blogs out there. But just what exactly is a blog? What is this all about? Read the rest of this entry »

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