The Internet And The Free Content Concept

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Freedom has been one of the essential concepts of the Internet from just about day one. As it was unveiled to the world just how amazingly powerful this technology, with all of its potential, advocates began campaigning that freedom should reign over the Internet. Freedom from censorship, yes, but also freedom of the content itself. This has led to the free content concept. Read the rest of this entry »

Understanding Mashups

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Mashup is a term that can be a little difficult to understand. The reason is that a mashup can involve just about anything. Its genesis as a term is in the world of music where one song would be added to another song: mashed together, so to speak. It could be a sort of medley, simply putting one track on top of another track or even a complete remix. One famous example of this was the Grey Album, created by DJ Dangermouse, as a mashup of Jay-Z’s the Black Album with the Beatles’ White Album.
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