The Internet has completely changed the way that we think about just about everything in our society. It has changed the way we interact with business, it has changed the way we interact with media. In fact, an entire new media has developed as a result of the Internet: online mind sharing and user-driven media.

So just what is online mind sharing? It is the use of the Internet to share and take part in a completely communal form of communication. Users share their mind either through active participation (creation of media) or through simply viewing this media; they then take these concepts and incorporate them not only in their online but also their offline lives.

One excellent example of online mind sharing is YouTube. Although YouTube is often used to view programming that originally appeared on television or in the movies (and has gotten into a lot of legal troubles because of it), it also serves as the premiere web site in the world of online video sharing. Users create videos which are then shared with everyone who watches their video. The interaction does not stop here, though, users can also make comments about videos and respond with their own video, creating a series of interlinking videos created by users who can exist anywhere for true communal media generation.

This new concept of online mind sharing completely shatters old systems of media generation. Rather than using media as something to sell (like in newspapers, books, movies, television shows, etc., created by corporations) the power has now been given to the user. They decide what they want to watch, what is going to be available to them because they create it themselves. They are an active part of the creation process from beginning to end, depending on how involved they want to become.

Another example of online mind sharing would be the wiki system, of which Wikipedia is the poster child. Wikis are created by communal interaction, adding and editing content as they see fit to create the most active and informative content they can. This online mind sharing involves the active sharing of knowledge and information learned by people far and wide in the creation of a single and powerful piece of online content.

Online mind sharing can also be seen as one of the hallmarks of Web 2.0, the next generation of online technology. Its inherent social networking system and communal development process fully utilizes the Internet platform to create media and content that is completely and totally unique to the World Wide Web, a world of content that could not possibly exist without the Internet.

Never before have people been able to share their knowledge and experiences so clearly and so easily as with the World Wide Web. It is the communication vehicle which is completely changing the way we communicate and the way we share our language, our ideas, our inventions, our creativity and our inspiration. Online mind sharing is the wave of the future available today.